Our Poles are designed in accordance to the ASSHTO Standard (Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaries and traffic signals) and its latest versions. The design is prepared using the latest Structural Analysis and Design suite to analyze the shaft, base plate and anchor bolts. Our poles are designed as per BSEN 40 standard to withstand wind speeds of 160 km/hour or as per the customers’ requirements multiplied by gust factor of 1.3 (Gust speed is 208 km/hour or as specified in the project specifications).

The Shaft, Base Plate, Service Door and other accessories are HDG-Hot Dipped galvanized in accordance to BS EN 1461 standard with a minimum micron specified in the standard with an average of 100 microns or as per client’s requirement. The Anchor bolts including nuts and washers are galvanized in accordance to the ASTM A153 standard and are of superior grade. Certain project specifications state grade 90, however, we provide a top of the line grade 8.8 which is far superior for anchor bolts.

MOID 6-01
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